Love’s Labor’s Won

Emily puts her nose in another naughty business and she is going nowhere until the issue is resolved. In the past Ashworth and Ashfall were one big family that was skilled in the art of magic. The family because of certain issues got divided into two halves and since then no one has dared to ask about the reason of this separation.
The two halves don’t come together on the parties and even in the markets. In the world of magic no one dares to call both of these together because they know that it can cause chaos. This time at Cockatrice Faire they are called together and this brings Emily to a very miserable situation. The heir from both families get attracted towards each other and it is like the love at first sight.

Christopher G. Nuttall perhaps gives Emily the biggest mission of her career. If she remains successful in the mission then the world of magic will be unified once more and if she fails then there would be destruction that would wipe away everything. Don’t look at Little Witches and Oathkeeper if you have this book in your possession. Book is less serious in terms of bloodshed and life loss but the personal grudge does matter in the end of the story narrated by none other than Tavia Gilbert.

Love as a routine solves matters and brings people close to each other and here it works oppositely. The love of the two heirs becomes the cause of another war which looks unstoppable. The boy and girl who happen to be the future of both families make a decision that no one is expecting and once it is announced then there is nothing but fights.

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