Machinehood is a dystopian science fiction and fantasy novel with some good adventure for the listeners to enjoy. It is written by S.B. Divya. She is an Indian-born author who is into writing speculative fiction. Meru is another prominent novel that Divya has authored.

The narration of Machinehood title is done by Ines del Castillo and Deepti Gupta. It was a good choice to have two narrators for the book to present two distinct perspectives. It was just a fine performance and nothing too special about it in either way.

Welga Ramirez is the main character of the story who was an executive bodyguard and an ex-special force. She was near early retirement when her client got killed right in front of her eyes. It was the year 2095 and people at that time were not known to die from violence usually. Humanity in that time was dependent on pills which not only helped them to stay alive but also helped them to compete with some definite artificial intelligence in a highly competitive gig economy.  There were daily doses available to help protect people from designer diseases. Juvers were also there to help people speed up the healing process.

All of that changed suddenly when one of the clients of Welga got killed by The Machinehood. It was a mysterious terrorist group that attacked a good number of pill funders. The operatives of The Machinehood were part human and part machines. They gave an ultimatum and that was about stopping the production of pills within a week.

The story of this science fiction novel is very much believable and thought-provoking as well. It started with a bang and then became a little slow until it picked up the pace once again before the starting of the last part.

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