Maybe in Another Life

Taylor Jenkins Reid the one who breaks the routine all the time and presents a new idea of storytelling. In this book it is not one but two stories told in the form of consequences that the main character will have to bear after the decision is made. Hannah Martin is not the teenage girl; she is mature but still not settled in anything. Relations in her personal life and commitment in her professional life are quite teasing things for this girl who is now shifting gears in age but still not settled.

After spending some time in different cities approximately six of them Hannah returns to her hometown not for a stay but for a mental relaxation. She wanted to meet some old friends and visit some old places for mental peace, while her stay at Gabby’s. Gabby was an old friend and a real support but then one night the high school charmer is back in Hannah’s life. She meets Ethan in the bar and then at midnight the story becomes twisted. Gabby tells that it was time to leave and Hannah has an open invitation from Ethan too.

She starts thinking about the outcomes of the two choices out of which she has to select one at any rate. From this point the story takes place in the mind of Hannah as the outcomes of these two decisions. It also reveals the weakness of the girl i.e she thinks a lot and that’s why her mind is filled with such a fuss. Restlessness was there in The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo but in that novel the girl wanted to rise, Hannah on the other hand wants to settle. The narration was tough for such a confusing character the novel was lucky that it had Julia Whelan.




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