Midnight in Siberia

Midnight in Siberia is a story of a train journey that leads into the heart of Russia. This book from the European history category is written and narrated by David Greene. He is an American writer and a journalist. He worked for NPR, which is a radio broadcasting company.

David Greene as a narrator was reasonably good. This is a type of book which only David Greene could have read. You will not be disappointed with the performance and it will be a safe and easy listen.

After two and a half years as the Moscow bureau chief of NPR, David Greene traveled extensively throughout the country. It was a long journey of 6,000 miles by rail which stretched from Moscow to Vladivostok, the Pacific port. During this journey, he spoke with the ordinary Russian people about the way their lives changed in those post-Soviet years. Greene also spoke with some singing babushkas coming from Buranovo.

Greene through all the tales of the fellow travelers explored the great opportunities and challenges which that modern Russia is facing. As per him, it is a nation that boasts newfound prosperity ad open elections but continues to endure corruption, oppression, and inequality.

The book is set against the colder landscape of Serbia. The lively travel narrative of the author provides listeners with a glimpse into the very soul of Russia of the 20th century. It tells more about the way people remember their history and then looks ahead into the future.

David Greene presented the audience here with an open-minded look at Russia. He did a great job while demonstrating his great respect and love for Russia and its people.

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