The novel is about monsters and ironically the one with the name Monster is a monster slayer and thus not a monster. Monster joins hands with Judy to save the universe from different troubles that approaches it. No one knows about the couple except the monsters that approach the world and find them between their goals. Although the two battle together and form a perfect team but still there lacks the proper chemistry between the two. They don’t like the mere existence of one another and it is just for the sake of the world that they join forces.

It was a monster issue that made the two meet in the first place. Judy was working in the mart at night when she found a Yeti eating up all the things in the mart. She knew that the person she hated the most i.e Monster could help her as he has an experience to deal with such things after all his girl friend is a creature from Hell.

Monster the in charge of a pest control agency shows no reluctance to fight against monsters whether they are dragons, elves or even Yetis. A. Lee Martinez the author of Gil’s All Fright Diner and Helen & Troy’s Epic Road Quest establishes another fictional plot in a less intensive way. The fans that are planning for a light weekend enjoyment and a thrill ride combined than they should listen to this in the glamorous voice of Eric Michael Summerer.

Creatures that are drawn are not new they are the old traditional ones and no new aliens should be expected out of this book.










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