My Life as a Rat

My Life as a Rat is a literature & fiction novel. It is written by Joyce Carol Oates. She is an amazing American writer which came up with her first novel in 1963. Since then he published 58 novels along with a few novellas, short stories, non-fiction, poetry, and some plays as well. Night. Sleep. Death. The Stars is one of her most memorable books. Extenuating Circumstances is another marvelous book that Joyce Carol Oates has written.

The audio narration of My Life as a Rat novel is done by Sadie Alexandru. There were issues with the pronunciation of a few words which made some parts distracting. Apart from that, it was a decent performance.

What is that one thing which should prevail? Is it the loyalty to the truth or the loyalty to the family? Is telling truth a mistake and could lying ever be justified if that is for the sake of the family’s protection? Is it possible for someone to do the right thing but regret it later on, bitterly?

The story in this novel follows a young woman named Violet Rue Kerrigan. She was the one who looked back upon her exiled life away from her family after the testimony she gave at the age of 12. It was concerning that what she knew to be the racist murder of a boy of African-American origin. He was killed by Violet’s elder brothers. Violate in the string of gaudily recalled episodes contemplated all of the different circumstances associated with her life. Those were the circumstances that set into motion the arrests and convictions of seven Kerrigan children along with her own pretty long estrangement as well.

It was great to experience a story that touch base with several important topics such as system patriarchy, personal grooming, race ethics, etc. It will be a disturbing story but still, you will find yourself deeply involved in it.

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