David Rosenfelt has a strange kind of faith in the skills of dogs and throughout his life, the author has been fond of dogs. Even today the author has a huge number of dogs in his house which shows that his interest in this species has not declined at all.

Even in the previous part Play Dead, Andy Carpenter trusted his dog Tara more than anything else and this trust paid off at the end of the story. It was his dog that brought him closer to the real criminal and saved a precious life too. This one is again narrated by Grover Gardner and it is once again about the same faithful animal and its instincts to sniff out crime.

A little puppy is found by Andy Carpenter whose owner was killed by an anonymous person. Now the harmless puppy seems to be of no importance for anyone but when Andy Carpenter brings him home, he is amazed that there are people who want to possess the little creature.

The cause is unknown but those who are after the puppy want it by hook or by crook. Andy thinks that the little dog has something to do with the murder of its owner so he launches another campaign in search of the hidden clues. Soon Laurie and other people around Andy are found in danger because of something which Andy is holding quite close to him.

Dog Tags is also about puppy power so don’t miss this sequence of stories which is mostly devoted to dogs and their awesome memory. Each story depicts a new talent that is linked to the world of dogs, it also shows how much knowledge the author has about dogs.

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