On Point

Annabeth Albert writes another story about the SEAL to show that love can exist anywhere in the world. Hearts of the soldiers also have love in it and it could be for anyone i.e even for the fellows who are working with them. Just forget the situations present in Burn Zone as this will pinch you harder.
The story has a history which connects the two best of friends for about a decade. Maddox and Ben have been together in the SEAL for almost a decade and they are not just friends rather they are lovers.

So many times the two have fallen for each other’s charm. Ben still is not into Maddox completely because he has some old things which have been constantly troubling his mind for the last many years. His relation of the past just stops him from trusting anyone new. Although he loves Maddox but he cannot out everything into the relation after failing once. Maddox on the other hand cannot leave his love because without him he might not be able to survive.

Together the two friends go on another mission that allows them to spend more time together during which they come closer but the danger just never leaves. Trying to save one another first of all is their primary goal after which they will think of accomplishing their target. Don’t pay attention to any negative comments about narration before starting this book; J.F. Harding’s narration is never with any fault so one should not worry about it at all. Harding is an experienced campaigner and the narrator never disappoints the large audience at any level.

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