Photography Exposure

Photography Exposure is about some useful secrets to master photography exposure. It is written by James Carren, He is an excellent photographer with expertise in fashion and other forms of photography as well. If you are learning photography then you must check out his Photography: Photography For Beginners – From Beginner To Expert Photographer In Less Than a Day! Those who are more interested in the fashion side than his Fashion Photography: 8 Practical Fashion Photography Tips for Your Models to Shine book will be extremely handy.

The audio narration of the book is excellently done by Fred DeRuvo.

If you have started to learn photography skills and are not sure about exposure then this book will facilitate all the required information. You will be able to learn it in quick time and can subsequently apply the same in your photography activity effortlessly.

The book will provide you with a general overview of photography exposure. It will also share details about all the components that comprise it, such as shutter speed, ISO, and aperture. The main concept here is the quantity of light that is hitting the lens. This is something that will impact the overall results of your efforts. The author also explained about different modes of the camera and how to figure out which exposure is needed for which mode. In case, if you require to have a fixed exposure for any need or reason then there will be some useful tips regarding both overexposure and underexposure in this book.

James Carren claims that the followers of this book will be able to learn the art of photography exposure in less than a day. So, do take this audiobook opportunity if you are struggling in that zone as a photographer.


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