Pretty Little Liars book 1

Pretty Little Liars #1 is a novel by Sara Shephard. She is a brilliant writer of teens and young adult novels and has got plenty of titles to prove her worth. Apart from the subject novel, Sara could be seen at her best in Safe in My Arms novels. Moreover, another top novel from Sara Shephard is The Heiresses.

The narration of Pretty Little Liars #1 is done by Cassandra Morris. This was not a very bad performance but the voice of Cassandra was slightly annoying. She was sometimes at high pitch unnecessarily.


Everyone in this world has got something in particular to hide. In this story, we are talking about hiding Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily. They were the high-school juniors.

Spencer coveted the boyfriend of her sister. The fantasizing of Aria for her English teacher was getting stronger. On the other side, Hanna was maximizing a few ugly tricks to stay relevant and beautiful.

But, all of them had got an even bigger secret with themselves. That was the secret with them since Alison, their close friends got vanished without a trace.

How was it possible for me to know all about this? Before, I knew anything and everything regarding the bad girls which they were. Further, I also knew all about the naughty girls which they became later on. So now guess what is coming up next? I decided to open up about all of the secrets in a quick time.

People had mixed feelings about this audiobook. As far as the story and its characters are concerned then those were all good. However, the narration by Cassandra Morris failed to impress.

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