Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls

Second book in the zombie mania that was started by Seth and now Steve Hockensmith takes guard and adds this wonderful sequel. Steve too sticks with the manner and the selection of words that are exactly similar to those that Jane Austen used. So old British traditions are visible in this one too but the cute Elizabeth Bennet had turned into a barbarian. She just wants to eat the evil up and a lot of rashness in her approach and personality can be observed. The girl is ready to face the evil at its den and in this way she would be able to end the plague forever.

Elizabeth trains hard and she knows what is coming to her because she is challenging it again and again. Sword fighting and playing with the nunchucks is not what a 19th century girl would do especially if she is a British by birth. There is also a noteworthy aspect of the series that many don’t pay attention because they are usually busy laughing and that is the role of the Bennet sisters. Elizabeth has been the main focus in the first one and in this part she steals the show again. The sisters Kitty and Lydia are there but they don’t have the potential to lead they just add more to the humor.

Katherine Kellgren voice tackles the girlish characters well and as far as the zombies are concerned they don’t talk much. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is incomplete without this part; it is not the story but the fun in it that goes on in an unending road. Not too vulgar scenes and thus even the kids can enjoy this little battle along with the adults.




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