Punchlines is an audio performance book by Audible Comedy. Audible Comedy just as the name suggests contains a collection of comedy performances from the live shows from some of the best comedians. If you want to know about some best books under the Audible Comedy tag then McSweeney’s Internet Tendency for you. Another good one from Audible comedy is The Rant Is Due with Lewis Black, which has Lewis Black as the main star.

Audible Comedy has recordings of the different comedy standup acts from nightclubs, comedy clubs, and different festivals all year around. The standout moments from such events are handpicked which are exclusively for the ears of the Members.

Audible Comedy blend all of that special comedy fresh bits with great selections from comedy albums for delivering the hilarious mixes that are released on weekly basis. This is what exactly you will get in Punchlines which is a superb standup experience like no other. When you go on to add the Punchlines to your very own library then you will unlock a range of exclusive standup comedy. You will continue to receive all of the new episodes here just as they are released.

All of the comedy briefs here are beautiful and they will make you laugh out loud. All of the acts are of course not at the same level but you will like most of them, while some would just be par excellence. You will find these funny standup bits to be good enough to boost your spirits and to have a good laugh. At last, you will find Punchlines to be worth the listen and will be worth every minute of it.

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