Radical Candor

Radical Candor is a book on the management & leadership domain. It is written and narrated by Kim Scott. She is a nonfiction author and a Nurse Practitioner. The subject title, Radical Candor is her most acknowledged book which you can enjoy in audio.

In the capacity of the narrator of Radical Candor book, Kim Scott struggled with the performance. It was a monotonous vocal performance that was low on energy as well.

Kim was a very successful manager at Google. This was her job before she moved to Apple. There she developed a productive class on optimal management. The subject book draws on many of her experiences directly at those large companies for revealing a completely new approach to ineffective management. It was an approach that resulted in the great success achieved through the different inspiring teams who strived hard to work more productively together while embracing fierce discussions.

Radical Candor is also believed to be a very sweet spot between those managers who are somewhat aggressive on one side while being disastrously empathetic on the other. It is also about providing guidance and that involves a good mix of praise along with some constructive criticism as well. All this is meant to ensure good results and as well as to help employees in developing their skills and the defined boundaries of success.

All the great bosses today in different organizations are known for having a good and strong relationship with employees. Kim Scott has identified and shared three key principles for developing a solid relationship with your employees, which are worth knowing and adapting.

The information shared in this book is useful. However, it felt a bit long, and at some parts, repetitive with the information as well.

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