Michael Kage Santori i.e the leading character of the trilogy written by Maris Black is the guy who is just blessed with everything in his life. For many he is living a life which most of the people don’t even dream of. An uncle who leaves for you a hotel and millions of dollars does not exist in the real world. Then becoming an MMA champion and getting your favorite person in bed is just too good to be true.
Santori is the lucky one who enjoys all of it daily but there is something wrong which stops him from enjoying life completely. All his life Michael has been under the thumb of his uncle Peter Santori and he never allowed the boy to thrive. Jamie the one who loves Michael so much has also turned into a murderer in order to save Michael’s life.

Thus the boy cannot stand against all of this and despite of the fact that he is an MMA champion he is feeling physically weak. He thinks that he just cannot handle all of these things accurately. Jamie is with him but Michael thinks that he is taking Jamie along with him in a pit out of which they would not be able to get out. The wealth that he has inherited is like a curse which has actually destroyed his life completely.

Don’t go for Santori Reloaded directly after this because you will lose all the emotionality that is present in the trilogy. J.F. Harding ahs narrated the series throughout and at this point the listener should also try to develop an association with the voice which will go a long way.

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