Schooled in Magic

Emily, the one who starts the show is the girl with no superhuman strength in her body. She was going to an average school to get basic education to improve herself and keep herself in the competition with other humans. Emily didn’t know that fate had other plans for her in stock. She got abducted by a necromancer who wanted her for a sacrifice in front of the dark gods. After the sacrifice, the necromancer would be able to use the dark magic that he desires so much.
At the last moment, Emily was saved by a sorcerer whom she had never met or seen in life. Then she flies away with her savior from that point and she is told that she too has magical powers. To enhance her skills and know fully what she is capable of she gets admission to Whitehall School.

There the students already present in the institute name her as “Child of Destiny” which means that the fate of the world lies in her hands now. She can destroy the world or save it in time before the dark forces appear. The necromancer who brought her to this world of magic is also looking for her to complete the ritual so Emily at once becomes the hot target in this world.

Little Witches and The Zero Curse are also really sweet books by Christopher G. Nuttall. The writer keeps the fans in mind and provides what they need the most in the story. Tavia Gilbert is a first rank narrator for the books about magical worlds so her choice was the second best thing in the novel.

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