Sex Positions for Beginners

Sex Positions for Beginners is an erotica and sex education book written by Mandy Harmon. It is a beginner’s guide meant to increase our passion, energy, and exploration capability. The author has no other audiobook to her credit.

Nikki Diamond is the phenomenal narrator of this audiobook. She checked all the boxes and didn’t lack significantly in any department

Sex isn’t just a word, it is a feeling that can evoke a different response in different people. For some lucky people, it means love, excitement, and tenderness. However, it can also mean stress, performance anxiety, pressure, and disappointment for others. You need to figure out what it means for you, and then you will realize where you stand.

If you think that you haven’t been doing well in this regard, you have come to the right place. It might be hard to imagine that you can get your sex life back on track, but it is possible. You will be taught the basics once again, the right way. The foundation is the most important part of this art. If it isn’t solid, the building would collapse. Thus, you need to focus on the core aspects of sex to become a sex-crazed machine.

This audiobook is meant to help you out even if your sex life is a bit dead and hopeless. You will start getting complimented for your sexual performance and creativity by your partner. You both will enjoy sex sessions with each other instead of it feeling like a chore and a burden. The unique positions mentioned in the book put you in a prime position to succeed as far as sexual satisfaction inside and outside the bedroom is concerned.

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