Catherine Steadman has started this novel like a love story and there comes a point when the listener gets in doubt that whether this novel is a thriller or not. Well this is a thriller and the real action packed stuff is revealed when the couple goes on the honeymoon.

Catherine has narrated the novel too so the author had a firm grip on the story in every way. Erin and Mark were excelling quite nicely in their professions and meeting each other at this point in life was another topping to their already perfect life.

Finally they decided to enjoy and relish the free time at this point they thought that going on the honeymoon was the perfect thing for them. During the honeymoon on the island of Bora Bora they were having a lot of fun initially and then they confronted something which changed their lives forever. They thought that they could discuss the matter with someone else but then they finally decided to keep the thing hidden after all it does not take much time to dig a grave. Getting everything out of the way was easier than getting entangled in a web with no way out.

This is a true psychological thriller with the type of gravy which all the fans enjoyed in The Disappearing Act and The Family Game. The couple never thought that their life would change in such a drastic way. Suddenly they find everything on the line because of a single incident that they wanted to hide. Surely it is the matter of nerves at the end of the story and the patience of all the characters is tested.

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