Song Machine

Song Machine is an art and entertainment-based book which is written by John Seabrook. He is an American writer with education as Masters’s in English Literature. Song Machine tells a great account of pop music history. The music lovers will love his Jingle Bell Pop entertainment book, which will be quite a refreshing experience for the musicians.

Dion Graham read this book quite proficiently. The coherent narrative given in a powerful voice in chronological order makes a fantastic read. There were some occasional moments where he was almost singing the given lyrics and that was so beautiful.

The book is a gripping tale related to an outstanding phenomenon that how hits are produced. The author intelligently combines his pure love for music and his gratitude for personalities. This mix takes us on a striking journey from London and Stockholm to NYC and Orlando. It tells that how creativity works and how it is eventually refined and packaged. This book from John Seabrook is a victory of some top-level writing and reporting. It tells some great lessons as well that echo far beyond the music world. John emphasized the fact that below the pop music surface, a detailed industrial process lies there. This process is quite bizarre and rigorous. He details that what it takes to give a hit in a book, which is not only revelatory and funny but beautifully written as well with inspiring details.

The stuff shared here regarding pop music history stretches back to 1989. If you are a hater of any popular pop band of the recent past due to any reason then this book will tell the ‘why’ part.

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