Start Your Music Business

This book “Start Your Music Business” is written by Audrey K. Chisholm Esq and narrated by Nader Nademejad. This Run Your Music Business is a powerful publication by Audrey K. Chisholm Esq.

Start Your Music Business is a basic aide for lyricists, makers, music composers and autonomous record marks, craftsmen, groups, artists, and people in the music business who need to lawfully begin and grow a fruitful music business. This is composed by an accomplished diversion attorney whose customers have been included on “MTV, American Idol, and VH1”.  This book has comprehended eight unique sorts of eminences that your music ought to procure through music distribution and step-by-step instructions to claim the music. The most effective method is to claim your lords and instructions to legitimately test and cover music (why you might be overstepping the law) and also instructions to ensure your name and logo and finally Step by step instructions to structure your music business.


Comprehend the various sorts of organizations “LLCs, enterprises, associations” and that was just the beginning. It is realized when you want to begin your music business. Become familiar with the contrast among brand names and copyrights. Figure out how to apply for a brand name and do it without anyone else’s help. Comprehend intellectual property law and how to copyright your music and get familiar with reality with regards to helpless man’s copyrights and instructions to appropriately and lawfully clear examples.

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