Straight Boy

Straight Boy is a LGBTQ+ romance novel. It is written by Jay Bell. He is an American writer and known for his Something Like… series. Something Like Summer if the first chapter of this series and most definitely the best one from the series. If you like the first recommended novel then you must also go with the Something Like Winter novel as well.

The narration of this chapter is done by Kirt Graves. It was an awesome narration and people really looking forward to have more from the narrator.

I just love him a lot. I am quite sure that he also loves me back. This is despite the fact the he has straight sexual orientation.

When I came across Carter King for the first time then I knew right away that he was something really special. I used to imagine myself with him and we are just friends as of now. We were best friends and I was really trying to be very cool with him. Even though, I knew quite well that ha has some special secrets. I definitely had some sort of mixed signals from him but nothing was clear about the intentions. I really didn’t want my crush to ruin thing that we were already having. But, if there is any worthwhile chance for us for being together then it is definitely worth taking the risk. It is because Carter could well be the love of my life.

The story of this book was good but it was a bit slow to get into full motion. It might be because of some listeners having specific expectations from the book. At the end of this book, you will surely be appreciating every bit of it.

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