Study in Slaughter

Christopher G. Nuttall in this book comes up with his best character i.e Emily. The girl with no proper aim and potential to rise has finally opted for what her fate had in store for her. In the first year at the Whitehall School, she proved that she was not an ordinary girl at all. She dominated the rest of the students in performance and potential. Also she saved the school from a serious threat because of which she got fame too which she never hoped to get previously.
Second year is a year which infuses in her more confidence because she knows that she would be welcomed warmly in the place where she originally belongs. As she comes to the school she observes some changes and there are some new faces among the students. Still none of it matters for her because she has to concentrate on her performance and position in the class.

When one of the teachers show hatred towards Emily she smells something real serious in the school. Then there is the news that a murderer and a spy have entered the school unnoticed and they have a secret agenda of their own.

Emily gets a serious job at hand as only she can perform the impossible for the place which has become her second home now. If you are thinking to select Little Witches or Oathkeeper then you are making a serious mistake because this book is the real deal. Tavia Gilbert has decorated this book with a special voice that has a twinkling feeling in it. Kids and teenagers will not even blink as long as the last line is not narrated.

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