Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls

Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls is a teen book on health, lifestyle, and relationships. The book is written by Lynn Weingarten. She is a New York based author of young adult novels. Bad Gils with Perfect Faces is another novel from the author in audio for you to have a go at.

The audio performance by Rebekkah Ross was below average which failed to create any positive impression. Rather, it was quite a difficult read for the audience.

They say that it was Delia who burned herself to death. This horrendous act was committed by her in the shed of her stepfather. However, it was thought to be a suicide. But, June was not having any belief in it. Both Delia and June were quite close with each other. They were the kind of best friends who always comes first and before anybody else, including boys and even family. It was just like in deep love with each other.

They shared millions of secrets that bind both of them together in silky thin cords. However, one year ago, everything changed in one night only. Delia, June, and her boyfriend were having some fun together. A year later, Delia is dead now and things are not the same as before. June was sure that she got murdered. She was determined to find the truth which was never an easy thing for her to do. She was motivated in a way as she thinks that she owes it to Delia to find the truth.

The subject novel is quite sexy, atmospheric, dark, and dramatic. It promises to keep you guessing throughout until it concludes.

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