Super Powereds: Year 4

The last and the most awaited part of the super powered saga is finally launched by Drew Hayes, the first three parts really thrilled the fans. Not only the story but the performance of heroes in the class and tackling of their powers was quite thrilling. Super Powereds: Year 1 and Super Powereds: Year 2 was more interesting than the third chapter. In the third chapter the students were more terrified about their papers and they were shying from the heroic works. Team work is finally established and they know that they only way out is working together. If someone wants to pass the certification before passing out completely he should bond with powereds.

The junior year was a real pain for all and the heroes want to achieve the position among the top ten now for which the old rivalries might come into play. The mysteries that have been kept in mind for so long come to light and the training might not prove ample for the boys and girls. This last year is about improvisation, not everything can be taught in the class if you want to be a hero you should explore more.

Facing dangers and investigating threats should be the priority number one rather than trying for the top ten. Finally in the last book Kyle McCarley puts energy into the voice and the pitch is a little louder than before. The narrator has kept this style of narration in the box for a surprise element in the last episode. Ending as fine and it was always expected this way but no issue in the story or the presentation of the scenes.

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