The 5th Gender

Inducing feelings to a book that has aliens in it is difficult for the writer. Aliens are considered a species that does not possess sentiments like that of humans. We have seen in movies too that the aliens come to the mother earth to analyze strange human behaviors. The aliens for a record do not lie and also they don’t kill each other in rage or for the accomplishment of certain goals. Alien whom G.L. Carriger and Gail Carriger draw in this little novel is also of the same category i.e he does not know anything about the sins which the humans commit.
The name of the alien is Tristol and when he came to the space station near-earth he didn’t know anything about murder even. On Tristol’s planet people don’t kill each other, that’s why they don’t have a word chalked out for murder. But Tristol has slowly understood many things associated with the human world because of his close watch that he is keeping on the human world.

Another unique thing about the alien is that he belongs to a race that has five genders; this is something that the human race cannot comprehend. Detective Hastion has joined hands with Tristol to find a murderer and this is an opportunity for the two races to come close.

The Sumage Solution and The Omega Objection: The San Andreas Shifters were about werewolves with two genders only. Five genders category amuses many around the globe; it also depicts the unique thinking of the two authors. Narrator Michael Lesley dominates at the start but the ending gets some problem in the correct delivery of some words but overall it is OK.

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