Celtic warriors have fascinated many since the day first one of them was seen on the face of the earth. No one can tell from where they came because their origin is not known to anyone. Only one thing which is known about them is their dominance which made the Greeks and the Romans tremble with fear.

Nobody was able to match their superb skill of warfare and the courage which followed. They remained victorious in every battle which they fought and became heroes for every generation.

Every generation wanted to follow in their footsteps but it is a hard thing because no one can fight like the Celtics who have no fear of death in their eyes but they surely arouse the feeling of fear in the eyes of the enemy. Twenty-five hundred years have passed and no historian has been able to find any kind of link between the Celtics and any other race of that era. At times some historians wondered that these warriors came from another world and that’s why their origin is unknown.

Barry Cunliffe started investigating this stuff from the beginning. The author is of the view that the world has developed a lot now and there is DNA testing and other such things which can make the investigation a lot easier. Julian Elfer didn’t narrate Druids but this is one hell of a performance by the narrator, though he was narrating such stuff for the first time. Narrating history books is difficult in the sense that the narrator has to make them appear interesting to the ear, otherwise, the listener gets tired and starts skipping details.

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