The Chase

The chase is on as Nicholas Fox and Kate O’Hare join hands for another thriller that is going to end in a big way for sure. Not a very long time ago Nicholas Fox used to be a thief and he is not the ordinary kind rather he was once the best in the field. Then he lost interest in the field after developing interest in the FBI agent Kate O’Hare. The trickster plays with the FBI cleverly and they are left with no choice but to hire him as an agent and make him the partner of Kate O’Hare. Well, that is what the man has always wanted since the day he saw the beautiful FBI agent for the first time in his life. Getting into the FBI was easy but surviving is an entirely different thing. Every job that is assigned to the two partners is tougher than the previous one and getting out of it alive is a difficult thing. Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg write about a traitor this time who is planning to start a war between America and China.

Carter Grove was once the chief of staff in the White House but now he is just another criminal who has stolen a Chinese artifact. This can start a war between China and America if the news leaks. The FBI thus hires Nicholas and Kate for the mission. They have to bring back the artifact before any news about its loss spreads in the country. Worried characters appear before us through the narration of Scott Brick as they are left with no time to express love. Concepts of Fortune and Glory and One for the Money are not revised here still it is the kind of book which has a style and story of its own. At times it turns into a thriller too when the chase and run begins.

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