The Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci Code is the second chapter in Robert Langdon novel series. It is a crime mystery thriller which is a known thing with a novel written by Dan Brown. His novels usually span over 24 hours and that makes them quite action-packed with no dull moment at all. The best novels with nearly such scenarios are The Lost Symbols and Angels and Demons.

Paul Michael has his voice given for the narration of The Da Vinci Code novel. Paul had some hard to understand accent. He was just good with his voice produced for Sir Teibing. Otherwise, it wasn’t that good or good enough to understand easily.

Robert Langdon, a Harvard symbologist got a surprising late-night phone call. He was in Paris on a business tour. The information given to him was that the curator of the Louvre museum has been killed inside the museum. Police discovered some baffling cipher just near the body. Langdon during his investigation was shocked to learn that things were leading to a trail of clues that is somehow hidden within the Da Vinci code works. The clues were visible for almost everyone to be seen. It was just disguised ingeniously by the painter.
Langdon joined the forces for the mega investigation along with the support of a French cryptologist. Her name was Sophie Neveu. He learned that the murdered curator of the museum was part of the Priory of Sion. It was a secret society that had Sir Isaac Newton, Da Vinci, Victor Hugo, and Botticelli as its members.
The story of this book is quite good and anyone with an interest in mystery thrillers would find it as a good one. However, the audio performance by Paul Michael failed to impress. He struggled to produce a neutral accent for some of the main characters of this novel.

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