In the first book of the series Ken Follett started telling us about the war between the good and evil which reaches a deciding level. It is the era in the history of England which was full of different happenings and the author has tried to tell us about every development in complete detail.

John Lee i.e the narrator of this book has been with this series since the first book that’s why the confidence of the narrator has increased as compared to the initial books. This time it is 997 CE and England is facing a terrible situation in the form of war from all sides. Some think that it seems to be the end of the empire because the enemies have started attacking from all sides at once. Among these terrible circumstances there are three characters who have their own agendas to fulfil.

Firstly there is the one who wants to protect his family from the Vikings. The Vikings have destroyed his home because of which he had to run away with his family to a new place and now that new place is just not perfect for his family. There is a monk who wants to play his role for religion, lastly a woman appears on the scene who is trying to adapt the new customs of her husband’s family.

The biggest threat which these three face is in the form of a bishop who has a terrible greed for wealth and power. The Pillars of the Earth and A Column of Fire will provide equal energy to the audience so it does not matter which book the listener choses. The author tries to perform in the best possible way in every book that’s why every book by Ken is a masterpiece.

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