The Exiles

The Exiles is a fictional novel. It is written by Christina Baker Kline. She is an American novelist who has written seven novels so far, and most of them had done well for the author and her followers. Orphan Train is one of her finest novels which she individually wrote. Apart from this, she also got highly appreciated for her incredible writing in The Way Life Should Be.

Caroline Lee is a wonderful narrator and this was surely an extraordinary vocal performance done for The Exiles novel.

Evangeline was a young governess who was living and working in London in the 19th century. She found herself seduced by the son of her employer. She got discharged after discovering her pregnancy and was then sent to Newgate Prison. After spending a good few months in the notorious and overcrowded prison, she came to find out that she was sentenced far away to the land that was beyond the seas.

It was the land of Van Diemen, which was a penal colony somewhere in Australia. She was quite uncertain of what was waiting ahead of her. But she knew one thing pretty well. The kid that she was carrying will be both on the long journey that she had to that distant land.

On her journey on the slave ship, she became friends with Hazel there. She was just a little older than her former pupils and she got sentenced to 7 years in prison for stealing a silver spoon…

The Exiles became an instant bestseller in New York Times. The same was also optioned for a TV series. That tells enough about the likeness of this novel.


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