The Fall

O’Leary a small town in New York is not very densely populated and like every small town the people of this town know each other very well. Silas Sloane came to the town long ago as a police officer and since then he has remained an integral part of the town. Everyone knows Silas as a good officer who performs his duty in the most appropriate manner.
Though the man has never shown sluggish behavior in the job he has always remained less committed with his relationships. Because of this attitude he has remained single all his life, now with the entry of a new citizen in the town Silas thinks he has a chance. Everett lost his wife a few months ago and fate has brought him to the town for a special purpose.

He has come to the town to take care of his grandfather but the reality is that he wanted a time out somewhere far away. After losing one relationship Everett is in no mood of developing another one that’s why he keeps his distance from the people present around him. Silas is created in such a way by the author May Archer that no ordinary being can resist the temptation.

Silas too is serious for the first time in his life. On the Run and Off Plan also became serious in the later section and this novel also gets critical when the patience of the two main characters is tested. Both characters want each other from the inside but from the outside, they want to keep their reputation intact.

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