The Fire Queen

A young queen rises to claim her birthright and this time she is not in a mood to go down. In her early youth, she was forced to marry a raja against her will and she was able to do nothing. For years she remained under the thumb of that raja but now he is dead. The death of the raja has made Kalinda the ruler of the land now and she wanted a smooth sail this time which is once again not provided to her.
Invaders are coming from all sides because they think that this is the right time to pounce on the kingdom which is currently being governed by a woman. Kalinda with the help of Captain Deven Naik can defeat these invaders but he is in prison. Raja’s son can free Deven but he wants to play games with Kalinda first. Some say that Ashwin wants to play games with the queen but he wants to check that whether she has the guts or not.

Kalinda is given tough challenges to fulfill and she with a heavy heart once again comes to the battleground to show the world the powers which she possesses in her hands. It is a continuation of The Hundredth Queen by Emily R. King.

Narrated by the experts Lauren Ezzo and Scott Merriman the book shows the powers and cunningness of a woman who has nothing to lose. If Wings of Fury was full of action then this too is not very much far behind inaction and passion. Kalinda finally agrees to use her talent once again for the sake of her people and her love.

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