The First Time

The First Time is a memoir written and narrated by Colton Underwood. The journey of the man from an ex-football player to becoming an iconic star of The Bachelor and Bachelorette is just so inspiring and exciting. This book will come to the listeners as an eye-opener with many exclusive scenes look. His real identification is the mentioned reality show where he gained huge popularity. The listeners loved him for his narration of this book. He used a very friendly tone which helped him to connect with his audience with ease.

Before becoming part of The Bachelor and making millions of fans, Colton Underwood was a socially awkward and goofy person with many personal insecurities. He was an overweight guy who saw early success in the football field but nothing much in his personal life then.

Colten Underwood opens up in this memoir about how he discovered his real self and got true love from the Bachelor franchise at the same time. This is a journey that will inspire everybody and some of us might be able to relate a few things that Colten had in his personality. It is a juicy account of his life experiences and it is good to see that how honest he was with everything in his life

This book will pleasantly surprise you with its content and the way it is written by Colton Underwood. It is a fun listen. It will entertain both the sports fans about getting into the NFL and also the fans of his reality show showing him as a bachelor. The book went in the New York Times list as the bestseller as well.

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