Mark Greaney created the best character of his life in this series and though this was the first novel by the author but no one can deny the perfection which is there in the book. Everything about the book is awesome i.e the characters, scenes and the storyline.

Gentry the primary character of the novel used to work for the CIA in the past. He was not of the ordinary type rather he was the best among the rest. He successfully completed every mission that was assigned to him and then he went behind the curtain without leaving any kind of trace. He possessed the perfect disguise in every situation and getting caught was not in his book.

Then things went against his expectations when his government and the people who used to hire him started tracing him in order to eradicate him forever. The cause remains unknown but one thing is for sure i.e there is something big going on and Gentry has no know all about it. Only knowing the hidden agenda can help him trace the cause behind everything that has been happening to him.

Narrator Jay Snyder was given an uphill task because the mission goes to Middle East and then to Europe as well during which the narrator had to mould the style of narration a little. This is just the start of an epic war which has the same spice as is seen in Sierra Six and On Target. There is only one man who stands against the entire world of corrupt people but he might be enough for all of them because he is the Gray Man.

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