The Inexplicable Logic of My Life

The Inexplicable Logic of My Life is a standalone teen fiction novel. It is written by Benjamin A. Saenz. He is an American poet and a writer of books for children. He has done tremendous work in the capacity of a writer and the subject novel is the testimony of this. This novel is narrated by Robbie Daymond which received mixed reviews. A few groups of people think that he was low with energy with mispronouncing the words at times. But, the popular opinion is that he did a decent job to bring the characters of this novel to life.

Sal was the one who used to know everything about his place while living with his adoptive father who was gay. They were also having their extremely loving family of Mexican American descent and then of course Samantha, who was his closest friend. But, it is now the senior year for Sal and everyone suddenly finds him throwing punches all around and also looking to question each and everything. He soon realized that he doesn’t know that who he thought that he was.

It is a kind of a book which might just take you on a different and very beautiful journey. You will be so happy to find out that both the author and the narrator did a fantastic job in crafting this tale withal the truth and honesty. It also has a good message and some definite guidance for the teens as well. On top of that, this book is also infused with some fresh and enjoyable humor. It throws a very humane look at the universal questions associated with belonging.

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