The Plot to Destroy Democracy

The Plot to Destroy Democracy is a nonfiction history and politics book detailing Putin’s plan and his spies’ efforts to undermine the American democratic system and in turn, dismantling the west. It is authored by Malcolm Nance and Rob Reiner. This book offers a detailed, comprehensive, and provocative analysis of Vladimir Putin’s master plan to destroy the United States through an incompetent and puppet president Trump. You might also want to check out The Plot to Hack America. Also, check out An End to al-Qaeda.

This book is narrated by Peter Ganim. It is a well-narrated performance and intends to inform the user rather than entertain. Thus, it has the perfect characteristics required for an enlightening experience.

Donald Trump was made president of the United States as a result of one of the greatest intelligence operations in the history of the world. We get to know the dramatic story of assassinations, espionage, blackmail, and psychological warfare used by the Russian Intelligence agencies to steal the U.S. election.

They want nothing more than to bring the downfall of NATO and cripple the European Union. They are trying to undermine the democratic system that has kept the political order of the world in check for the most part.

Malcolm examines how Russia has used political propaganda, cyber warfare, and manipulation of our reality to weaponize social media, traditional media, and American news to tilt the election in one’s favor.

It gives historical context to modern events that are shaping the political field. It tells us to guard ourselves against disinformation and also inform others of the harms of it. We should know how Russia operates so that we can stop them right in its tracks.

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