The Prefect

The Prefect is a science fiction and fantasy novel. It is the first installment in The Prefect Dreyfus Emergencies novel series. The book is written by Alastair Reynolds. He is a British author of science fiction novels. The author did a very good job with the writing of his House of Suns novel. You will have the same kind of feelings for his Revelation Space novel.

John Lee is the narrator of The Prefect audio novel and he handled that department pretty well.

The story in this novel is of Tom Dreyfus who was a Prefect. He was a capable law enforcement officer and was working for Panoply. The multifaceted Glitter Band’s utopian society was his assigned beat. It was the big churn of the space habitats that were orbiting all around the Yellowstone planet. The planet had the crowded hub of a diverse human interstellar empire that was known to span a lot of different worlds. The current case assigned to him was about the investigation of a murderous attack that was against one of the habitats and it left 900 people dead. It was a huge crime that appalled even a cynical police officer like Tom Dreyfus. But the same investigation uncovered something that was a lot more serious ad bigger than mass murders. There was a covert plan devised by a mysterious entity who was looking for nothing less than to have complete control over Glitter Band.

The Prefect is a fun hard science fiction novel. You might also find this one to be an outstanding crime story. The tale in this book will offer listeners a lot more than the usual fare.


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