Dreams of different people often shatter when they get stung by reality. Reality is bitter for those who have too many expectations from their future life and have no money in their pockets. Three friends appear in this novel with a high hope to change the world.

However when they come to the real world, they realize that they don’t have the potential to change anything. They don’t have the money to pay for their law school even so they are left with no choice but to borrow money from a bank. At the end of their third year in the law school they realize that the school is not something which they expected initially.

The graduates who complete their degree are often rejected at the bar exam which means that the institute was not producing competent students. Mark, Todd and Zola become quite heart-broken because they had already taken a lot of loan for their school dues. Now they cannot leave their degree because they have come this far in life. At the middle of their final year, the three friends realize that the school is owned by the same person who is operating the bank that is providing the loan to the students.

Thus the Great Law School Scam came to the surface but the problem was that the three friends had to quit their degree if they wanted to take the matter to the court. John Grisham criticizes the money game in the world through this novel which Ari Fliakos has narrated. The Judge’s List and The Testament were written with a special purpose in mind as well. So the author has always tried to bring stories with a special motive in front of the audience.

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