The Stars Are Legion

The Stars Are Legion is a science fiction and fantasy novel. It is written by Kameron Hurley. She is an American writer of science fiction and fantasy titles. She won the Hugo Award in 2014 in the Best Related Work and Best Fan Writer categories. The Light Brigade is a very exciting book from the author and so is her The Mirror Empire.

The audio narration of The Stars Is Legion novel is done by Nicole Poole and Teri Schnaubelt. It was an outstanding narration by both the performers.

There was a mass of countless decaying world-ships, the Legion which was somewhere on or around the outer rim of the universe. The same as traveling all around and between the stars in the universe. For many generations, a war for getting definite control over the Legion has been remunerated. As the world further advanced to de, there was also a desperate plan to save it and put that into motion.

Zan one day woke up with no memory. She was the prisoner of a group of people who claimed that they were her family. She was told by them that she was their salvation or the only possible person to board the world-ship, Moksha. That had all the required power to leave behind the Legion. But, in the new family Zan was by no means the only one left desperate to get any control over the prized ship. Zan discovered that she might look ahead to choose sides within a genocidal campaign that will possibly take her right from the edges of the gravity of the Legion.

The book comes with an original storyline with strong characters, especially females with the desirable feminist perspective as well. Her take on world-building is just outstanding here and she managed to bring a highly intriguing story for us.

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