A thirteen year old boy is chosen for something really big in this story by Stephen King and Peter Straub. The boy has apparently lost everything and he has nothing more to live for but there is still hope. He has lost his father and soon he is going to lose his mother as well because she happens to be in a precarious situation. If Jack’s mother dies then he would be left all alone in the whole world. The boy wants an escape from all of these problems because he thinks that he cannot handle his life anymore.

At this point of time in life, Jack is blessed with a wonderful opportunity which he wasn’t hoping for in reality. The boy knew nothing about the parallel dimensions but he gets thrush into one and this can help him alter the reality completely. So many times King has talked about parallel dimensions and this one is with the same kind of stuff but somehow we can feel that there are more emotions that are packed in this book narrated by Frank Muller. If you are already a fan of Fairy Tale and It then the ingredients of this book is not a surprise for you.

An ordinary boy becomes a legend when he starts shifting himself among different timelines. These alterations in timeline bring a lot of changes in reality. Jack is able to make the reality more appropriate for himself but at the same time he loses some of the important threads of his memory which he actually wanted to keep. The book has nonstop action and the shift of the boy to different realms is splendid.

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