The Thursday Murder Club

The Thursday Murder Club is a suspenseful mystery novel. It is the first chapter in A Thursday Murder Club Mystery novel series. The book is authored by Richard Osman. He is an English TV producer, presenter, comedian, and novelist. In literary writing, you will be thoroughly impressed with his The Man Who Died Twice novel. Another book from Richard Osman that will be worth your time is The Bullet That Missed.

The audio narration of The Thursday Murder Club novel is done by Lesley Manville. It was a very gripping performance and you will surely find the characters more appealing in Lesley’s powerful voice.

There was a peaceful retirement village where which saw four unlikely friends met together on weekly basis. There used to meet in the Jigsaw Room for discussing many of the unsolved crimes. They call their group the Thursday Murder Club.

Then a dead body of a local developer was found along with a mysterious kind of photograph which was left right next to the dead body. That was the time when the Thursday Murder Club found themselves suddenly with their first live case ever.

But that was not the only murder or the only dead body. Several other dead bodies started to pile up as well. Will it be possible for that unorthodox, special, and brilliant gang to find the killer and that too, before it is too late? Do check the full story to find the answer.

The novel is great which has its soul and will also make you laugh at so many points. The characters are all fabulous and the narration is simply superb as well.

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