The Wise Man’s Fear

This is the second book in the series and Patrick Rothfuss still continues the old pattern of depicting the tale i.e in the voice of the main character. Kvothe the brave and the daring himself narrate the tale of his life in high passion.

The story is a fantasy but appears to be a real one when the one in it tells us the whole thing with passion and aggression. Kvothe is a man who has achieved everything a man can dream of or is usually scared of. He leaves the university at an early age because of the rivalry with one of the nobilities and thus starts a new journey in his life.

He goes into the politics of Vintas where quick progress becomes his fate and he gains massive response from the general public as well. later in order to be among the nobles he tries to solve the assassination case on the king’s road which could lead him to the one who killed his parents as well. Kvothe faces a trail that no one has survived and to his ill fate he shifts to the Fae realm as well where he meets the Felurian who has slaughtered many by her beauty charm.

Thus the King killer goes on writing poetry, slaughtering the enemy and making love with the women that are available on his way to glory. The novel has a glimpse of The Name of the Wind and The Slow Regard of Silent Things when it comes to the description of the supernatural elements. Nick Podehl’s narration goes well though there are certain rise and falls in some places but overall it an excellent one.

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