The Women in the Castle

The Woman in the Castle is a novel by Jessica Shattuck. She is a promising American author. The Hazards of Good Breeding was her debut novel which became the finalist of the PEN New England Award and was also a notable book in the New York Times in 2003.

The audio narration of The Women in the Castle is done by Cassandra Campbell. She did a decent job with the performance and was quite accurate with the pronunciation of German words along with the accent required.

The story of this book is set at the end of WW II and in a disintegrating Bavarian castle which was once known to be the host of all the high society of Germany. It is an immensely powerful story of three widows whose fates and lives were all intertwined. It will turn out to be shocking, affecting, and eventually redemptive novel from a very talented author, Cassandra Campbell.

Amid the chaos of the defeat of Nazi Germany, Marianne made a return back to the grand castle that belonged to the ancestors of her husband. It was an imposing kind of stone fortress that fell into ruin after the war. Marianne was the widow of a resister who was murdered in the failed plot for assassinating Hitler. She also planned to uphold the promise that she made to the brave conspirators of her husband. It was about finding and protecting their wives, who were their fellow resistance widows of hers…

The Women in the Castle will provide listeners with quite a different view of World War II. There are plenty of books on the subject matter and you will find this one unique with its take on all the horrors of Hitler’s regime, which came from the perspective of three German women.

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