The Woods Are Always Watching

The Woods Are Always Watching is a novel by Stephanie Perkins. She is an American novelist who has written many books for younger audiences. The two bestselling novels from the author are There’s Someone Inside Your House and Isla and the Happily Ever After. The first of these recommended novels was adapted into a Netflix movie.

The audio narration of The Woods Is Always Watching is done by Reena Dutt. It was an acceptable kind of performance. You wouldn’t find anything too pleasing nor too disappointing.


The story in this novel is of Josie and Neena who were best friends. They spent their high school together as outsiders. They were happy for the fact that they at least had each other. But now, college is starting and there will be a separation of 2,000 miles between them. They still have got one more chance to be together. That chance was in a three-day hiking trip going deep into the Pisgah National Forest.

The simmering tensions between them lead to a detour off the track in the woods. They found themselves straight into a nightmare of walking. But then, something far worse happened. That was something that will test both Josie and Neena in some horrifying ways.

People had a lot of expectations with this title considering the past repute of the author with some amazing stories. They expected this one to be a gut-wrenching and heart-stopping thriller. Bit, that was not exactly the case. This book is not as good as some of the other good novels by Stephanie Perkins. It is quite slow and boring. The author failed to meet the expectations of her fans which she gave them with her prior novels.

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