Thunder and Rain

Thunder and Rain is a genre fiction novel. It is written by Charles Martin. He is a Florida, USA based author. You will find him as quite a good writer if you try out his The Mountain Between Us. Another quality book from Charles Martin is Chasing Fireflies.

The audio narration of this novel is done by Daniel May and Luci Christian Bell. The narration was very well handled by both the narrators.

The third generation of Tyler Steele from Texas Ranger was the last of the ending breed. He was a contemporary cowboy hero living in an environment that just doesn’t understand his resourceful sense of being right and wrong. On top of that, it also includes the same level of instinct to defend all of those who were not able to defend themselves.

Despite all of his relatively stronger moral compass, Ty was in trouble for seeing any of his major weaknesses. He had a really hard outer shell which denied him any possibility of forging the emotional connection along with Andie, his wife.

He is retired now and raising Brodie, his son, all on his own. He was at grave risk of losing out to his ranch. He had no idea that how he could go on to reconstruct the rubble of his own life. The answer to his concerns came in the form of Samantha and her beloved young daughter, Hope. They were on the run from a daunting and inescapable kind of situation.

If you attempt this novel then you will find it to be a romance novel and then you will also find a detective/ crime subplot.

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