Treasure Island

“Treasure Island” takes you on a trip of fantasies where you find the quest for adventure and zeal for survival. Robert Louis Stevenson starts the quest for treasure with this first book of the wonderfully occupying series. Well, every person who likes stories about pirates and treasures knows who pirate Long John Silver is.

The pirate with one leg has the thirst for treasure for which he will spill blood as much as he likes. Killing people and getting to his targets is what Long John is all about. Whoever comes in the way of this mean pirate is killed on the spot because he cares for none and never hesitates in chopping the head of his rival.

Alan Munro then narrates the character of Jim Hawkins who has an opposite personality as compared to the pirate. The boy is friendly and never leaves anybody in time of trouble. One thing which the boy shares with Long John Silver is the quest for treasure. Thus it is a battle between the two characters that are not going to leave the treasure that easily.

 Among all the other characters there is one known as the Black Spot that has other reasons for the treasure hunt. Henrietta & Eleanor: A Retelling of Jekyll and Hyde is another good book by the same author but you must add this one to your collection first. This current book is not only interesting but it also has some connection with childhood memories which makes it more interesting. The character of Jim shows the goodness in the world which is full of bad guys and surely it appeals to everyone who listens to it.

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