Trick Play

Trick Play is a romance, gay fiction, LGBT literature, and contemporary romance novel written by Eden Finley. It is the second book of the Fake Boyfriend series. It is preceded by Fake Out, the first one of the series. You can also check out the next book of the series – Deke.

The dual narration is a welcome surprise. It is performed by Alexander Cendese and Iggy Toma. While one of the narrators has done an excellent job with the pace, accent, and tone, the other seems a bit rushed.

Matt Jackson knows the best way to be screwed out of a football career; get captured by a camera in a gay bar in a compromising position. This is the story of his life. His agent says that he can fix this, yet he just wants to be back in the NFL. His agent plans to make him the poster boy for gay football players. If only his fake boyfriend wasn’t Noah Huntington, the most entitled and arrogant guy in the world, but it is.

Noah was told that it will be fun to pretend to be Matt’s boyfriend. What he wasn’t told is that Matt is bitter and surly. Being his boyfriend is the hardest job around. It was supposed to be a win-win for both of them. Noah gets one-ups his dad and Matt regains his reputation in the league. However, when they develop feelings for each other, they hadn’t thought this through properly.

This book is a welcome sequel to the first one of the series. As we witness the lives of the two struggling men, we will be enamored by them and the life choices they make. We can’t help but root for them through thick and thin.

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