Two for the Dough

Janet Evanovich wrote the first part a while ago and it took the author some time to come to the second part of the series in which we are listening about a bounty hunter. Stephanie Plum is a bounty hunter by profession and she is one of those in the town who don’t miss their targets ever. Some things distract her attention continuously but she can correct her focus all the time. Joe Morelli is the man who is all the time following Stephanie and he is not the kind of man who wants a decent relationship with a woman. The man has some serious issues related to the libido and it arouses sensation in Stephanie too.

The bounty hunter is after Kenny Mancuso in this second part. It is her assignment to get to the man and gather all kinds of information about him. Mancuso has killed his former best friend and the department wants to know the reason behind it. To reach her man Stephanie once again has to establish a connection with Joe who happens to a distant relative of the man who is being traced. C.J. Critt narrates the tension in which we find the bounty hunter as she goes closer to Joe to kill. Wicked Appetite and One for the Money are best-suited stories after the end of this book. The action just goes bigger and bigger in these books but somehow it is not the kind of stuff that is accurate for the youngsters because of the adult stuff involved in it all the way.

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