Unbelievable is a fantasy fiction novel for young adults. It is part four of the Pretty Liars novel series. The book is written by Sara Shephard. She has got two bestselling series where one of them is Pretty Little Liars while the other one is The Lying Game. If we specifically talk about her novels individually then her Pretty Little Liars #1 is her best one. Another good title from the same author is Safe in My Arms.


The unbelievable novel is narrated by Cassandra Morris. She had serious trouble with the pronunciation of those words that ended with ‘tin’ or ‘ten’. Other than this pronunciation issue for a few specific words, the performance was all good.

In the story of this novel, you will discover four charming liars with their charmed lives that turned all of a sudden into living nightmares.

Emily was deployed to Iowa to stay with her cousins who were known to be uber-conservative. The boyfriend of Aria was behind the bars and it was all because of Emily. Spencer was quite afraid of the fact that she was fully a part of the murder of Ali. But, the far worse fate was Maya. She was fighting for her own life in the hospital as she knew a bit too much.

If both of these girls don’t just start to listen to me then Hanna seems to be the lucky one.

This title is by far the better novel as compared to the first two chapters in the series and equally good as chapter four. If you have started this series then this is the chapter that will make you deeply invested in this Pretty Liars series.

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