Unholy Night

Seth Grahame-Smith has the tool to mould history in different ways. This book do not only deal with history like Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter or Pride and Prejudice and Zombies it plays with Biblical reference too. The three kings’ story was never in detail in the Holy Bible even and not a large number of people even know correctly about them.

Thus this has given Seth the chance to add some of the famous zombie material into it. A good thing that should be appreciated that the author never takes the story to the unholy ground after all he was dealing with religious figures.

Everything is written in a lighter sense and should be taken like that. The audience take a tour of this book in the voice of Peter Berkrot who himself has a light mode of narration. This book tells us that the men who are still known for their wisdom were actually criminals and when the novel begins they break out from a prison. The leader of this three men group is Balthazar who wants to get rid of the presence of Joseph, Mary and their son because he thinks that they are slowing things down.

Still he cannot let the innocent die at the hands of the cruel and helps them in the escape. There are several historical, mythical and religious figures in the book that are put in it in a very neat order.

The era and the age is kept in mind and portrayed in the correct manner, no exaggeration is done in that respect by Seth and this is the basic thing that keeps it so original.





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