Andy Carpenter and his accountant Sam Wills were having a quiet time for a while and they were expecting to get some big cases. For some time they weren’t able to click and they needed some serious case to deal with. These days, an old friend of Sam calls him and asks him for some help. At first, Sam is surprised because his friend Barry had not talked to him for a long time and this sudden call was a bit strange.

However when Barry said that he needed Andy’s help as well then both of them thought that the thing would be a nice warm-up for them. Author David Rosenfelt once again adds a dog in the story when Sam finds an injured dog on the way to Barry’s house. Sam wanted to ignore the injured dog but he wasn’t able to do that, thus he waited for some help and got the job done.

Later when he reached Barry’s house, he wasn’t there, and then the plane on which Barry was traveling crashed on the way. Perhaps all of it was a big trap and Sam would have been dead as well if he hadn’t stopped for the dog. Andy and Sam started investigating the case and they get horrified with the facts linked to Barry’s death. Grover Gardner narrates how Sam and Andy are saved because of a dog but they know that the enemy is not going to leave them in peace.

One Dog Night and Leader of the Pack were about dogs too so this entire portion of the series is in favor of dogs. If you are a dog lover and do go through these books because they will tell you things that you don’t know about dogs yet.

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